2020-2021 Season

Presidents Report

The 2020/21 season was a continuation of events from the year prior showing challenges to still manage COVID. We were unable to conduct our usual try baseball day in an effort to draw new players to the sport and club. In saying this we increased our player numbers from last year which is pleasing, giving us nine teams. I hope all players had an enjoyable season.

The club was able to regain the Club Championship this year and both the Junior League and Little League teams made their grand finals, with the Little League Team taking out the Minor and Major Premiership. This is the clubs first premiership in Little League for a while.

Very proud of these kids to bring it home for themselves and the club.

Our Junior League team made the grand final this year and in a gutsy performance came from 10-3 down to claw their way back to 11-11, to finally go down 12-11. This team saw impressive improvement from all players. Playing the grand final without the teams two main pitchers, our regular catcher needed to assist in the pitching to get us through the game. I am extremely proud of these kids especially as their coach and the VP to see the effort they all put in through the year.

The Little League Major Team took out the Minor and Major premiership, in the grand final the tone was set in the first innings with a grand slam, the team kept moving forward from there never looking back and convincingly taking the title of premiers from there.

Our two Zooka teams had a great year developing their skills, both coaches have stated how proud they were of their teams.

The Teeball teams all performed admirably throughout the season I was not involved in their training this year, I hope and trust they all had fun improving.

Congratulations to all the players on their achievements through the year.

A big thank you to all the coaches volunteering your time, once again we have a number of our coaches that are involved with our seniors’ group during winter. I also want to thank all the parents who help whether it is in the dugouts, scoring or umpiring. Your help is appreciated by all involved.

I say this every year however there is no truer word spoken. It is difficult to be successful on the field without the off-field help. To our executive (Geoff Fisher, Mel Madsen) & other committee members (Glenn Newman, Louise McMahon, Lachlan Stormon, Evan Boggiss, Peter Fisher, Paul Merciea, Michelle Garnero and Luke Bitschkat) and our head coach (Nathan Moran), a big thanks for your input in running the club & being part of getting the players on the diamond.

Over the past number of years the club has achieved a lot with some hard work from within - via our recruiting efforts through the Try Baseball days, putting the time into the kids as part of their training/game days & then trying to make it as enjoyable as possible to be part of the club so you’ll hopefully return in seasons to come.

We also continue the need to look at succession planning in getting others involved in running the club & maintaining our strong position (it’s very easy in a minority sport for numbers to drop back quickly). So don’t be shy in volunteering to nominate for our committee at the Junior's AGM in June/July. As a few of our teams have shown, the more people involved, the more fun for everybody (kids & adults alike).

This was my sixth year as Vice President and seventh year on the Committee, it will also be my last after a number of fantastic years. I need to redirect my attention to a number of other commitments at this stage in my life. I want to thank the countless people who have supported me through those years. I have seen many clubs run by two of three people. Thankfully this club has never been that way sharing the load across a wide number of people and I hope that continues. Not one person can run a club, it needs to be a group effort.


Thank you, take care and good luck.


Nathan Kirkwood

Wollongong Cardinals Vice President