Season 2018-19

The 2018/19 season was an eventful year, with 101 players participating, across twelve teams. We hope

all players had an enjoyable season. The club Championship was won by the club this year, so

thankyou all for your efforts in making this possible.

A summary of teams results from the 2018-2019 season:-

Cardinals U6 Teeball team:    Grew in numbers to field 3 teams this year.

Cardinals U8 Teeball team:    3 rock solid teams progressed in their skills this year, and had fun along the way

Cardinals U10 (Zooka) Gold/Maroon teams:  Both teams had a great year with a few players being able to fill in for the pitchball ranks to further develop their skills

Cardinals U12 Maroon team:   4th at the end of the rounds and unfortunately ended up losing to the Chiefs in the grand final.

Cardinals U12 Gold team:   Finished 2nd in the regular season, but went down to our Maroon team to finish 3rd in the prelim final.

Cardinals U14 Gold team:  Our Junior League team also finished 2nd after the regular season and had two very hard-fought finals

to go down to the Pirates in the preliminary final.

Cardinals U16 team:   Finished 7th in the Macurthur league. A great start to the season, but was hampered by injuires towards the end.